Why Do We Prefer Woocommerce VS Shopify?

Yes, yes, as you read it, today I want to explain why we prefer Woocommerce vs Shopify. Each business belongs to its father and mother, they have their peculiarities, and all eCommerce cannot fit in the same square box.

We do not want to belittle Shopify, on the contrary, it is a great platform to develop your first online store, and it is simple, cheap and saves you a pleasant headache if you want to get your eCommerce overnight.



  • If you have a business that needs to expand new commercial lines online. 
  • You are undertaking your new project in which your business model is based on online sales and has excellent growth prospects.
  • It would be best if you had full control of your store.
  • You want to offer a user-centred experience.
  • You are looking to implement an SEO content strategy in your visibility strategy.
  • Your store model requires integration with your shipping company.


Then Woocommerce is the logical choice for you. You can always hire ecommerce developer at oso.nyc


Freedom and autonomy in functionalities:

As I said before, with Shopify, you have to play its rules. It is true that you save the hosting and will have SSL certification, but it is also true that you will be limited to what the template allows you to make ( theme ) offered by Shopify. This can be an impediment, especially when you need specific functionalities or particular customization of the chips or shopping cart. Making variable cards with Shopify beyond colors or sizes is complicated.

To give you an idea, we are currently developing an online store for a company that sells shadow solutions. This store must have three types of variable cards. The first tab corresponds to a kind of custom shade networks where the user depending on the square meters of the net. And the type of material and the density of the product, and the price will vary. The second tab corresponds to fixed packs of shade nets where each package can vary depending on the quantities, colors, volume, material cuts and measurements per square meter. The third option of chips is for the structure and accessories; in this case, they are standard chips where they vary by quantities. I doubt that this level of complexity can be created in Shopify.

That said, developing your store with WooCommerce offers the freedom to raise your site based on the real needs of your potential customers. I’m not exaggerating. Yes, the design of the templates in Shopify is terrific, but they are square boxes where you cannot modify them depending on what your customers need.

Let’s put it this way: let’s imagine that you want to redesign your office and look for two interior designers with different price ranges. One tells you that the design of the plans will be limited and will be based on the furniture or solutions that you have available; while the second tells you that we can design the ideas as you need so that you boost the performance of your work. You can better attend to your customers in a favorable space.

Which one would you stay with? The second brings more value if you are going to invest the same. Don’t you think?


Custom design = Better User Experience

At the beginning of this reflection between Woocommerce vs. Shopify, the Shopify people offer you only the templates that the brand offers you. While in WordPress, you can implement countless templates either developed by the WooCommerce brand or with any external developer. For example, you can see numerous beautiful templates for your eCommerce in ThemeForest.

In our case, we design the site from scratch following a logical process in phases to design and develop the most appropriate website that will allow maximum control and performance. To do this, we analyze to whom the web is aimed (the target audience), we study the competition (benchmarking) and carefully analyze the needs of the company taking into account the keywords for better visibility on Google.

As I say on other occasions, it is not just about making a beautiful website, and others should be practical, functional, very light and focused on your potential customers, making them feel empathy.


SEO Control = More visibility on Google

It is a fact that WordPress is the best content generation platform (blog). It is very friendly with Google, and if you also integrate it with WooCommerce, the advantages of visibility in the search results are very high. The SEO factor is, for us, a crucial issue.

It would be useless to develop an online store if you are not visited. You can develop CPC campaigns to bring traffic to your store, but natural (organic) traffic is a significant value to consider. Did you know that many Shopify online stores use their blogs in WordPress?

The SEO in the development of the website is essential today. Within our phases of the project is the task of raising the Page Speed of your website so that you can have the best possible quality score beyond your content strategy, when implementing adwords campaigns to boost traffic from scratch. A high-Quality Score will make your CPC lower and visibility even higher.

Finally, thanks to the plugin Yoast, get to the s your blog posts even more effective and visible in search results. Not only does it allow you to properly manage the famous keywords (Keywords) of your posts, you can also edit the Snippet of search results.

By the way, if you have a blog in the visibility strategy of your online store in WordPress the implementation of AMP technology will make your content load four times faster on mobile and you will save ten times on data consumption. This helps a lot to the visibility of your publications on devices.

Reading this publication it seems that we are selling you the bike, the truth is that we give much importance to SEO because as a Digital Marketing Agency we are always seen from the perspective of the “Big Picture”. You should think about the whole process, even in the post-publication stage of the online store: how to bring quality traffic to my store?

Taking into account Google’s rules of the game is essential for your business’s visibility, chances to be high. After all, you are making an investment of time and money in which you will need the highest possible return.

Making an online store is not easy at all. You have to take into account many variables from the moment you see a business opportunity. You choose the market niche, the most appropriate product, the pricing strategy, packaging, putting in Store scene, the logistics involved in preparing the product and labeling before sending to your customer. The choice of the shipping company, how I will make my online store known to buy me, what strategies or campaigns to carry out, etc.


Woocommerce is no more “cheap.” Or is it?

Look, if you would like to venture to make the web on your own, you can buy a WordPress template with the Woocommerce module incorporated for about $50. You can purchase an annual mid-range hosting for approximately $100 and maybe pay another $100 more between some modules and additional plugins. Comparatively, it is already smaller, considering that the most interesting Shopify plans range from about $ 80 to $ 300 per month plus a transaction percentage that varies according to the plan.

Even if you hire an agency that develops an online store, you make a single investment that will allow you to develop a custom-made store with advice, training and control of the entire project. Subsequently, the continuity of the project will depend on you, but you will have acquired a more learning curvature throughout the process. In contrast, in Shopify, you will have to pay every month and every year for the simple fact of having it operational. The day you stop paying; Bye, shop.

Let’s talk clearly: if you aspire to develop a serious and professional online store, you may spend money see it on the side you want. You may have a golden idea, but if the execution of the store and its communication is not adequate, you will not go far. If you can afford to have an agency to advise you and develop the store you are making sure that the investment of your time and money is in the hands of professionals who will make your e-commerce a useful sales tool.

That said, the investment will be a little more at the beginning, but in the medium term, the return will be assured.

Keep in mind that in these similar topics such as Woocommerce vs Shopify, everyone has their opinion and is legitimate.

I hope my reflection has been useful to you.

Until next time