Social media is not just for interacting with friends and acquaintances. It acts as a vigorous marketing platform if utilized adequately. From growing your audience till acquiring customers, it is there to help the businesses to double up revenue and profits. Though internet marketing overlaps with traditional marketing but still you need to devise a social media strategy.

In this document, we will walk you through the procedure you need to adopt for creating a successful social media marketing plan for your business.

Let’s begin the voyage.

1. Decide Achievable from Social Media

The first step in creating an SMM plan is to identify a goal. This goal could be brand awareness, website traffic, generating leads or even gaining customers. As per statistics, a layperson dedicates almost two hours on social media daily.

So, you could use these platforms to expand your audience reach and hold customer’s consideration. Once, the SMM objective is defined, a pathway will be defined to carry out the course of action.

2. Create Buyer Persona

Next step is to define your business audience. These are the potential customers whom you have to target through marketing. Your marketing efforts will move into the right direction by selecting the appropriate audience. It is mandatory to get to know about your audience since they are the ones who will be generating value for your business.

For defining the audience, describe demographic factors, interests and buying behavior of them, etc. By generating a buyer persona, you could shape up your efforts from their perspective and gain a better ROI.

3. Perform Competitor Analysis

After creating a buyer persona, learn what your competitors are doing. By performing competitor analysis, you will be able to get a clear picture of the industry trends and consequently you could plan your targets in a proper way.

In order to find out competitors on social media, you could track the hashtags relevant to your industry. Further to this, using the similar keywords in search engines, you could also find the competitors. Lastly, observe the audience behavior for what brands they follow and why they prefer them.

4. Develop Branded Pages

After finalizing which social networks you want to use for digital marketing, your subsequent step will be to create business accounts. Create a username and provide the necessary description of what your business is all about. Use high-quality pictures across all the channels.

Create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest pages, etc., as required and post useful content on these channels. It is better to formulate a content posting schedule so that you maintain a consistent presence on the social platforms.

5. Generate A Content Posting Schedule   

Your content has the power to convince the audience to take an action. Keeping in view this fact, you have to create and curate engaging content on social networks. Using a content posting schedule for social media is a must. This is because content is the key to interact with your audience. You have to post, if not frequently, but daily to ensure your audience that you are there for them.

Equip yourself with a social media management tool to schedule posts before time. Observe date and time for posting content like videos, infographics, blog posts and images etc.

Pro Tip: Adhere “Rule of Thirds” for content posting in which one third content should be used for advertising your business and driving sales, one third for interaction with the audience and one third for sharing meaningful information.

6. Conduct A Social Media Audit

Take a look at all of your social media channels and figure out any significant missing details e.g., business description. Check out whether profile photos and cover photos are showcasing brand personality or not? Moreover, examine your pinned posts and observe their appropriateness and up to date.

Additionally, you need to track the performance of all the social media platforms with the help of key metrics in the analytics segment. For instance, you will observe page likes, views, reach and engagement, etc., and analyze what works and what doesn’t. Accordingly, you will rehash your strategies for future social media marketing plans.

Wrapping Up:
After taking a tour of this comprehensive discussion of the social media marketing plan, we are sure that you will be tweaking your social media strategy very soon. Further, you could also connect with ArhamSoft (Pvt) Ltd. if you like to have professional and effective social media marketing and adwords management services.