Coffee Beans Shop specializes in roasting the freshest and most affordable best coffee beans which prides itself on taking the artisan approach to authentically servicing the public with a quality variety of single origin coffee beans. We are bringing something new and unique to coffee lovers out there pondering where to buy coffee beans online!

Primary objective of Tech Investment Group is to maintain a perfect equilibrium between handling investments in projects with sustainability and job creation along-with humanity empowerment.

Just like a tree, Woodchuck Delivery seeded as a small idea and has taken its sweet time to grow. We wanted to “deliver firewood better” – which evolved into “deliver firewood the best”. We have old school values, like having a human answer the phone, accurate wood volume measurements, saying “Yes ma’am” and “Yes sir.” However, we also take this old-world comfort and bring the standard into the 21st century.

At Smart Pharmacy we place the Pharmacist and the needs of his area at the center.

Having the experience of more than three decades and after the creation of more than 8 00 PHARMACIES NATIONWIDE we have the knowledge to offer innovative and modern solutions for your space based on its unparalleled design and ergonomics.

V&J Auto Body is one of the most highly-certified body shops in Suffolk County, Long Island, specializing in OEM repairs. Our team of experts, both in customer service and repairs, are here to guide you through the process of bringing your vehicle back to better than manufacturer’s standards.

SRSLY, why do they feel so weird in photos?

I’m all about the life and the love and the little things that happen when those two things are in the room.

My route into weddings was when my agent at the time married. As she put on the frock and sprayed the perfume, did up her earrings, and popped on a little tiara, that was me, with harps playing and golden light raining down on me* – my big epiphany.

Managing a growing list of high-stakes cases, often involving complex issues of litigation and lengthy trials, has resulted in recognition from the highest sources. Alongside our many satisfied clients, attorney Gurion is the winner of numerous awards, including the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys™ “Ten Best” for the State of Arizona, and the American Society for Legal Advocates’ “Top 40 Under 40,” two years in a row.

We have handled a wide range of unique accidents and issues. Our firm focuses on cases that involve catastrophic injuries, which are life-changing events that leave a massive impact on a victim and their family. We also frequently represent family members in wrongful death lawsuits based on the tragic loss of a loved one. The stakes are exceptionally high in cases involving catastrophic injuries and deaths. We understand the stress that victims and families face on physical, emotional, and financial levels. Our firm is dedicated to helping them put their lives back together.

“KMW attorneys help injured victims get the money they need after suffering negligent injuries, workplace injuries, or property damage. “

Attorneys Chris Keller, Rob Melchiorre and Paul Walsh each began their legal careers as Assistant State Attorneys. After gaining invaluable legal experience and trial experience, all three left the State Attorney’s Office to pursue careers in private practice. Chris joined a well-known personal injury firm and Rob and Paul joined a local criminal defense firm.

After seven years in private practice, they founded the firm of Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh, PLLC with the mission of providing legal representation for individuals who have been injured, harmed, or are facing criminal prosecution, by providing exceptional legal service and advocating for the rights of our clients all meant to improve our clients’ lives.

Their vision is to be the preferred law firm by delivering outstanding legal services and exceptional client experiences.