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Digital Image Processing (Satellite Image)

Geo Referencing

Image Classification

Digitization and Vector Rectification

Cartographic Design

High Quality Map Production

Creation of Geo Databases

Data Integration

Land Cover & Land Use Mapping

Spatial Analysis

Temporal Analysis & Analysis of Environment Impact

GIS Corporate Trainings


GIS Analysis and Mapping

Discover the hidden patterns and relationships in your spatial data with our cutting-edge GIS analysis and mapping services. Visualize, analyse and interpret geospatial information like never before.

Spatial Data Management

Efficiently organize, store and manage your spatial datasets with our expert spatial data management solutions. Ensure data integrity and accessibility for seamless GIS operations.

Geodatabase Development

Establish a solid foundation for your GIS operations with our geodatabase development services. Create a centralized repository for efficient data storage and analysis.

Custom Cartographic Design

Transform data into captivating visual narratives with our custom cartographic design services. Elevate your maps into works of art that captivate and inform.

Spatial Analysis for Business Intelligence

Uncover valuable insights for your business with our spatial analysis tailored for business intelligence. Optimize market strategies, identify new opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.

Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

Promote sustainability and environmental stewardship with our geospatial solutions for monitoring ecosystems, conserving natural resources and protecting biodiversity.

Urban Planning and Smart City Solutions

Shape the cities of tomorrow. Leverage our GIS expertise to design smart urban environments that prioritize efficiency, resilience and liability.

Agriculture and Precision Farming

Cultivate success. Our GIS-powered agricultural solutions enhance crop management, optimize resources, boost yields for a greener and more sustainable future.

Disaster Management and Risk Assessment

Prepare, respond and recover. Our GIS and RS services empower disaster management professionals with real-time data, aiding in risk assessment and mitigation strategies.



Aligning raster or scanned images to real-world coordinates, allowing them to be accurately overlaid with other spatial data.


Manually tracing and converting features from analog maps or imagery into digital vector format, creating precise and usable spatial data.

Geodatabase Setup

Designing and creating geodatabases with appropriate feature classes and attribute tables to organize and manage spatial and attribute data efficiently.

Spatial Data Conversion

Converting spatial data between different file formats (e.g., SHP to KML) to ensure compatibility and data interoperability.

Spatial Data Cleaning

Removing errors, duplicates and inconsistencies from spatial datasets to improve data quality and accuracy.

Buffer Analysis

Creating buffer zones around spatial features to analyse proximity relationships and assess potential impacts.

Attribute Data Editing

Updating and modifying attribute data in a GIS dataset to reflect changes or new information.

Map Layout Design

Designing the visual appearance and arrangement of map elements for effective communication and presentation.

Spatial Join and Relates

Combining datasets based on spatial or attribute relationships to perform analysis or transfer information.

Address Geocoding

Converting textual address information into geographic coordinates to map locations accurately.

Thematic Mapping

Creating maps that highlight specific themes or patterns in data, such as population density or land use.

Spatial Clipping and Extraction

Clipping or extracting portions of spatial data based on a specific boundary or criteria.

Spatial Clipping and Extraction

Determining which spatial features contain specific points or determining the relationship between point data and polygon data.

Spatial Interpolation

Estimating values for unsampled locations based on known data points using interpolation methods.

Data Visualization and Graphs

Creating visual representations, charts and graphs to convey spatial data and analysis results effectively.

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